Oceanographic & Environmental Instrumentation

Multi-parameter seawater sensors 

   YSI 600XL

[Conductivity, Temperature, D.O., pH, ORP with 80 meter cable for real time]

 Insitu troll 9500

[Conductivity, Temperature, Pressure, (optical) D.O., Turbidity, pH, ORP with 100 meter cable for real time]

  Aanderaa RCM9 MK II  

Multi-parameter seawater sensor (Conductivity, Temperature, Pressure, D.O., Turbidity) and current meter


 RCM7 (2x) for current meters

   Methane Sensor Capsum METS 

   Water Sampler HydroBios

 Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (A.D.C.P.)   Teledyne RD Instruments

H2S sensor