Laboratory Aims

The main aims of the Laboratory are :


  • to train under/post graduate students in the Marine Science(s) for the sustainable development of the Marine Environment


  • to provide them with an opportunity to participate in fundamental and applied research projects, thus enhancing their skills in designining, planning and implementing a research project and also providing the policy makers for  the best solutions and suggestions thus leading to proper management of the seas


  • to carry out fundamental and applied research in the fields of :
  1. Marine Geology
  2. Enviromental Oceanography
  3. Palaeoclimatology/Palaeooceanography - Global Climate Change
  4. Coastal protection and management
  5. Marine Archaeology / Geo-archaeology
  6. Habitat Geosciences
  • to offer high quality Scientific, Engineering and Managerial Services and Consultation to Enviromental agencies, Local Authorities and private industry.