Oceanus-net Activities

Operation of a data base of physical, chemical, biological and geological parameters of the Greek seas and inland waters classified in thematic spatial layers aiming at the planning of monitoring, evaluation, conservation and sustainable management of the Greek seas and inland waters.

Mapping and monitoring of natural hazards in the Greek seas and inland waters to develop the scientific knowledge related to the detection and prediction and needed for the development of protection strategies and risk reduction in areas all over Greece prone to natural hazards. 

Scientific assessment of the conservation value of important habitats (i.e. Poseidonia Prairies and Coralline formations) in the Greek seas and inland waters threatened by human activities such as pollution, dredging and damping, fish-trawling, aquaculture e.t.c.

Study, analysis, appraisal and management of the marine ecosystems, fish stocks and aquaculture.Detection, damage assessment and monitoring for the conservation and maintenance of the cultural heritage.