Marine Ecology Research Group

Laboratory of Zoology, Department of Biology

     The Marine Ecology Research Group in the Biology Department carries out fundamental and applied research in the fields of Biological Oceanography and Fisheries Ecology in both coastal and oceanic environments.

     The main field of activity concern the fisheries – environment interaction through the study of:

(i) recruitment processes,

(ii) zooplankton ecology in pelagic, coastal and lagoon ecosystems,

(iii) structure and functioning of Coralligene formations in the eastern Mediterranean, and

(iv) analysis of ecological aspects of the lagoon fisheries.

    The research involves the analysis of distributional patterns in relation to environmental parameters, short and long term dynamics of marine populations, behavior studies, ecological modeling.
     The national and international research projects of the Research Group have both fundamental and applied character and several of them have a pronounced interdisciplinary character. The Research Group is involved in stock assessment studies and in the analysis of exploitation systems of the marine resources in the Aegean and Ionian seas including the Patras and Corinth Gulfs and thus the Research Group has a good knowledge of the scientific, technical and practical aspects for the development of an interdisciplinary study in this area.